This October, we asked our readers to send in photos of their creative carvings for Halloween, and they didn't disappoint! Check out some of the great submissions we've received, and keep sending your own in by submitting them here:

Still haven't carved your own pumpkin yet? Try these downloadable Coke- and Fanta-themed pumpkin stencils:

Ray Reeves

Ray Reeves sends us this great picture of his Coca-Cola jack-o'-lantern.

Guadalupe Alvarez

"Me and my son are huge Tennesse Titans fans," says Guadalupe Alvarez, "and by just pure luck, when he started Mighty Mite Football he happened to be on the Titans. So this year I made a Titans logo pumpkin with his name and jersey number. He was the happiest kid on earth at that moment."

John Bradshaw

"I have been carving pumpkins for the past five years and this is the greatest time of the year," declares John Bradshaw. "It's fun for kids and adults. Enjoy!"

Garth Coventry

"Growing up in the UK, I didn't have the same experience as the Americans at Halloween," says Garth Coventry. "In fact, I hadn't ever carved a pumpkin until last year. This is my second pumpkin carving, and I think it is such a fun tradition."

Garth Coventry

The final results of Garth's second carving ever.

Ben Eaton

After Ben Eaton finished carving his pumpkin, he tells us, "my girlfriend then noticed it also looks like a face when upside down."

Melanie Roccio

"I made this little beauty over the weekend!" says Melanie Roccio.