Resize of _LQ_1799 The dust had barely settled on the 125th anniversary celebrations in Atlanta before Phil was on a plane headed to Shanghai to open a new exhibit for the anniversary.  The display opened at the Super Brand Mall in Shanghai, the mall is one of the biggest in the world and served as a great location for this exhibition.  Phil was introduced by Brenda Lee, our longtime VP of Public Affairs and Communications in the photo above.

Resize of Resize of +ó¦·1981-O¦˜¦¦-+-)s·+T¦S+++++++++--e¦¦-+¦+++++++++++125+_-O+-+»¦S¦++¦-¦+µ The exhibit featured many of the icons of the Company, the carton, coupons and our trays as well as several newer items.  We shipped over one our of autographed Warhol prints, a beautiful Steve Penley painting along with many interesting collector bottles from around the world.  Local Coca-Cola collectors were also on hand to have their items reviewed by Phil.

The announcement was part of Coca-Cola’s year-long celebration, which has included special commemorative promotions with limited-edition souvenirs.  Chinese consumers will be able to experience iconic moments of happiness including replicas of the first Coca-Cola bottle from 1886, as well as Coca-Cola history displays and promotions at Tesco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, 7-Eleven, CRV Stores and Cinema Channels across the country.

Resize of Resize of ¦ú-+-+¦¦¦-++++++++-+¦++-+¦-+++++++++++125+_-O+-+»¦S¦++¦+-. His next stop is Australia, so I hope to have so photos to share from those events as our employees and bottler around the world continue to celebrate the anniversary.