As a photographer, there’s nothing better than seeing your work printed and hung on a gallery wall. And as a Coca-Cola fan, there’s nothing quite like visiting the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Never in my life would I have imagined that the two of those things would ever merge together to form one truly amazing experience.

World of Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour Exhibit

For the past nine months, I’ve documented my life as the official photographer for the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, taking hundreds of photos every day in 90 countries, showing the happiness and passion that exists around football and around Coca-Cola. In every country, I aimed to find fans young and old who were excited about the sport and who I could take pictures of to capture that passion. After almost 200,000 photos, I definitely had a collection to choose from!

I’ve been a fan of Coca-Cola since a kid; it was a symbol of happy times in my own childhood and reminds me of Christmas dinners, family days at the beach and late-night movie marathons with my friends. As an artist and fan of great graphic design, I’ve long been an admirer of Coca-Cola’s marketing campaigns and graphic presence. I admit I went through a “polar bear” phase in the '90s, and I’m constantly sharing content from the “Open Happiness” campaigns.

Joel Robison

When I started working on projects with Coca-Cola, every new thing was a highlight. Having my first image tweeted by @CocaCola, seeing my first photo with branding on it, getting to visit the headquarters and the archives. Each time something amazing would happen I would think to myself, “It can’t get better!” and it has. Working on the Trophy Tour was an endless chain of “It can’t get better!”, and each day I was humbled and amazed at how cool and life-changing the opportunity was.

Joel Robison

For me, the ultimate “It can’t get better!” moment happened a few days ago when I saw for the first time, the new Trophy Tour exhibit at the World of Coke in Atlanta. I was able to visit Atlanta and reunite with some of my fellow Trophy Tour teammates to see the exhibit on its opening day. Nothing could have prepared me for turning the corner and coming face to face with a wall of my photos. My last nine  months summarized in a collection of images blown up and hung on a bright red wall, just a few steps away from where the art of Rockwell and Warhol once hung.

I admit, there were tears and goose bumps a plenty. Knowing that my photos were on display, being shown by the company I admire, was the ultimate sign of approval and the best reward for the job I had done. There are few words to describe what it felt like looking at this collection in front of me; it was a full circle moment. Looking at each of the photos and knowing the stories and names behind each one, being able to recall the sounds and feelings while taking them and knowing that thousands of people would be able to be a part of these stories as they look at the photos was the best way to wrap up my role on the Trophy Tour.

Joel Robison

The slogan is "Open Happiness," and when I sit here thinking that right now, my photos (and a photo of me!) is on display certainly “opens happiness” inside me.

Joel Robison served as the official "blogtographer" of the 90-country FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola. He heads to Brazil next week to photograph the Copa Coca-Cola international camp.