Today, August 5, marks the 20th anniversary of the day Coca-Cola added Barq’s Root Beer to its portfolio. The Coca-Cola Company completed the acquisition of Barq's Inc. in 1995 and moved its headquarters to Atlanta. The rest is history. And, speaking of history, Barq’s Root Beer has quite an extensive one dating back to 1898.

The founder of Barq's, Edward C. Barq, Sr., left his job as a sugar chemist in Louisiana and headed to Biloxi, Miss. There, he created his signature root beer with the infamous bite. After experimenting with soda flavors using backyard tubs, Barq created the sharp tasting recipe that many enjoy today in the form of a Root Beer Float. Barq began bottling and selling his soft drink he named after himself in 1898. Two decades later, prohibition hit the U.S.. Bad news for the alcohol business, but great news for root beer. Barq’s experienced a dramatic surge in sales.

Today, 117 years later, fans all over the world enjoy the bite of Barq's, whether sipping it from the signature silver can or a root beer float through a straw.

Be sure to celebrate Root Beer Float Day with Barq's on August 6th.