Coca-Cola Life is making a big splash in a tiny Norwegian town this week.

On Saturday, the 307 residents of the tiny fishing village of Reine will be the first in their country to taste the newest addition to the Coca-Cola family.

“It has been nine years since we last launched a new Coca-Cola product on the Norwegian market, Coca-Cola Zero," said Anne Marit Ihlen, marketing manager, Coca-Cola Norway. "There has been lots of speculation about when Coca-Cola Life would be added to the Coca-Cola family in Norway, so we are glad to finally be able to release it.”

Coca-Cola Life, sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia extract, contains one-third less sugar and a one-third fewer calories than regular Coke. 

“It will be the smallest, prettiest and probably windiest launch in Norwegian history,” Marit Ihlen adds. “We want to use this opportunity to promote one of the most beautiful places in Norway and introduce our unique product in a truly unique place. Reine is the perfect place, and as we speak we’re preparing the launch party together with the locals."

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Norway Coke Life Two

The Coca-Cola team has invited the entire village to a special tasting party on Saturday at Reine's only grocery store, and is blogging daily at The rest of Norway can join in when Coca-Cola Life rolls out nationwide in February.

“We are truly looking forward to the 'taste premiere' and proud that Coca-Cola has chosen our small store for the exclusive launch,” says store manager Cathrine Johnsen. “I’ve told everyone about the celebration happening this week, and they’re exited about it.”

Reine is located in the Lofoten region in northern Norway. Travel website named it one of the 10 most beautiful places in the world.

“In Reine, we live close to nature, and people visit from all over the world to experience exactly that,” Mayor Lillian Rasmussen explains.

Coca-Cola Life Launch in Norway

A total of 14 nationalities are represented in the town. Rasmussen says the magic of the mountains and spectacular northern light makes it attractive.

“The forces of nature make our everyday life unpredictable, and often we are forced to change our plans because of the rough wind," she says. “We are great at taking care of each other in Reine, and we always stop to greet and say hello... whether we’re meeting our fellow villagers or tourists."

Coca-Cola life is also available in Argentina, Chile, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Mexico, Ireland and the United States.