It's that magical time of year again and the Coca-Cola Christmas trucks are coming to town. Across Europe, the ever-popular truck tours are bringing happiness to towns and cities, spreading joy across the continent and celebrating that the holidays are coming.

From the British seaside town of Scarborough to the Polish provincial capital Lublin, the tour has been welcomed by happy festive ready to ring in the festive season. Marriage proposals and musical performances have added to the magical atmosphere. Check out the photos below. 

Coca-Cola trucks lined up.

The crowds in Brussels could hardly wait.

The Coca-Cola trucks are visiting 44 British towns and cities on this year's tour.

Personalized messages on the sides of the trucks added to the joy.

She said yes! The GB tour even included a marriage proposal.

The people of Mainz give the trucks a warm welcome.

Santa Claus is coming to town, thanks to Coca-Cola.

…and Polish couples in Katowice did too.

Musical performances kept the crowds in Poland warm.

In Poland, there is ample time for Christmas shopping.

The Christmas Truck Tour gets an explosive send-off in Lublin…

…and in Katowice.

Coca-Cola fans can get their perfect Christmas presents at Coca-Cola's Pop-Store in Vienna.

With their coach, Special Olympics Winter Games 2017 athletes meet Santa in Vienna.