Coca-Cola is teaming up with The Summit Dublin, the world’s fastest-growing tech conference, to support global innovation through sponsorship of Europe's largest international startup competition.

An estimated 200 startups will pitch their ideas in front of judges, including well-known entrepreneurs, investors and journalists at PITCH 2014, to be held Nov. 4-6 in Dublin, Ireland. Guy Wollaert, Coca-Cola’s chief technical and innovation officer, and David Butler, vice president of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as Emmanuel Seuge, vice president of global alliances and ventures, will speak at the conference and judge this year’s PITCH competition. The Coca-Cola Company will award the PITCH winners with both cash and experiential prizes.

The two winning teams will be flown to the company’s headquarters in Atlanta to meet with executives for strategy sessions on their startup and will be exposed to additional capabilities and resources unique to Coke's global scale.

“The world is changing all around us, and we therefore must change with the world to continue to thrive as a business,” Wollaert said. We’re already active in the global startup community through a number of business platforms but we’re always seeking new ways to continue to push the boundaries and stay at the edge of innovation. The Summit and its PITCH competition is the best place to be in this space, and we’re excited to be a part of this year’s event.”

Last year, startups based in more than 90 countries submitted thousands of applications to compete for a chance to win a $100,000 prize. Previous winners include, a data extraction company from London, and SmartThings, an Internet of Things company, which went on to raise over $15 million of investment after winning PITCH 2012.