By 2012, improve water efficiency by 20 percent compared with a 2004 baseline.

We believe that our first responsibility is to manage our own water resources in our operations wisely. Our nearly 900 bottling plants around the world rely on water as it is the most important ingredient in our beverages. Water is also used for beverage manufacturing processes such as rinsing, cleaning, heating and cooling.

Together with WWF, we developed a plant-level water efficiency toolkit that helps bottling operations to understand how their water use tracks with best practices within the Coca-Cola system and find proven water efficiency practices to implement in their plants.

In 2010, we improved our water use efficiency across the Coca-Cola system for the eighth consecutive year. We used 294.5 billion liters of water to make 130 billion liters of product, giving us a water use ratio of 2.26 liters per liter of product. That is a 4 percent reduction over 2009 and a 16 percent reduction since 2004, our baseline year.