Coca-Cola launched the innovative PlantBottle packaging technology in China in April, and already its arrival has created huge buzz in the market.

Weibo Micro-Interview

On April 18, Coca-Cola China hosted the first ever micro-interview on Sina weibo, the Chinese counterpart of Twitter, which generated 20 million impressions online. A total of 276 questions were raised by netizens during the one-hour interaction, highlighting the great interest and positive feedback from consumers.

Shell Huang, Research Fellow and Director of Global External Technology Acquisition, represented the Company in dialogue with Chinese netizens. Huang is the world’s youngest expert in the field of polyester and has invented nearly 30 patents in the United States and around the world.

In the interview, many Chinese consumers were curious about this groundbreaking invention and how it could benefit the environment. Huang explained that this new technology, which uses sugarcane materials, could reduce dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels without affecting the ecosystem or competing with food resources dependence.

As for the next step, Coca-Cola is also looking into other plants, investigating more possible natural alternatives to further improve the technology.

Price was another concern in the dialogue. Huang assured that Coca-Cola would not direct the extra cost brought by this technology onto its consumers.

PlantBottle at the China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair

The PlantBottle draws attention at the China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair.

Social (Beijing) Technology CO.,Ltd / Ma Xiao

To further connect with consumers who care about the environment and sustainable ways of living, Coca-Cola China also made the first ever cooperation with iLOHAS, the sixth ranking e-magazine in all newsstands in Chinese apple store (photo above). Through the popular iPhone application, information about the new packaging technology reached nearly 200,000 readers, who now know much more about this eco-friendly invention.

PlantBottle also garnered attention at the China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair held from May 8 to May 11, where the Company’s energy-saving solutions were on display.

Rebecca Liu is Editor at Eight Partnership who helps write stories for The Coca-Cola Company in Asia.