Fanta is immersing teens in its playful, colorful world through a groundbreaking digital storytelling platform called Play Fanta.

The brains behind the brand challenged themselves and their agency partners to make all elements of the new campaign playable across technology platforms, geographies and languages – from TV spots and mobile content, to social interactions and HTML games, to print ads and PDFs.

“We've elevated Fanta’s campaign to a franchise, offering endless storytelling, content development and co-creation opportunities all within an immersive, branded world,” explains Wendy Clark, senior vice president of Coke’s Sparkling Brand Center, who unveiled the campaign last week at the Contagious Conference in New York. “This is the next level in brand communications.”

At the heart of the campaign, which will roll out in more than 190 countries this year, is a nine-chapter digital graphic novel loaded with playable content. Saving the Source tells the story of a group of teens  who embark on a mission to save play after it mysteriously disappears from their town.

Saving the Source follows Fanta’s globally recognized cast of characters. Todd, Tristan, Andy, Floyd, Lola, Maud, Gigi and the Lhava Twins – diverse in background, interests and personality, but bound together by their love of play – as they set out on a journey to save their community from turning into sad, grey characters known as the “Playless.”

Ogilvy & Mather New York led the Play Fanta creative vision, and Hollywood scriptwriters The Alchemists developed a central narrative for the graphic novel. Animators at Psyop developed the unique graphic novel look and feel, evolving the Fanta characters for the 2D world, and Vectorform powered the reach of the graphic novel via a sophisticated HTML framework to deliver across every type of screen, and music partner human crafted a cinematic original score for Saving the Source and accompanying Play Fanta games.

The novel can be experienced on a range of devices – from an HTML version with images and narrative only, on up to an interactive HTML5 version with parallax scrolling, full game play and full multi-track audio.

Play Fanta was driven by research that reveals the fundamental and positive role of play in teens’ emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

“George Bernard Shaw said it best: ‘We don't stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing,’” Clark said. “And science tells us teens need more play – to learn, grow, contribute and, indeed, reach their potential.”