Coca-Cola Finland has collaborated with renowned photographer Veikko Kähkönen to create the #AITO (#ORIGINAL) portrait series, which celebrates the 90th anniversary of Robert Woodruff's standardization of Coca-Cola's one-of-a-kind, original red color, and delivers a strong message of localness in a bid to engage followers on social media.

The collection, featuring nine celebrity Finns, marks the history of the unique Coca-Cola red color as well as Coca-Cola's presence in Finland.

Although the instantly recognizable red has been in use for more than 130 years, it was only confirmed as Coca-Cola's official color 90 years ago. Kähkönen's series of images gives new life to the colour in modern-day Finland, and serves as a reminder that Coca-Cola is an authentic part of Finnish society, both past and present.

Since September, all Coca-Cola variants have been packaged with this iconic red in Finland. Finland and Norway were the first markets in Western Europe to launch full red, with others set to follow in early 2019.

Faces Behind the Collection

Coca-Cola Finland's goal with the original photo collection is to connect with Finns of all ages. Each celebrity shared their thoughts on originality, what it means to them that a person is authentic and why this is valuable.

Kähkönen's models in the series are from diverse backgrounds, and range in age from 19 to 80. They include 81-year-old Lenita Airisto, a well-known journalist, non-fiction writer and women's rights activist; top fashion model Zakarie Ali; rapper Cledos; journalist and columnist Tuomas Enbuske; footballer Mikael Forssell; actress and comedian Iina Kuustonen; vlogger Mansikkka; actor Mikko Parikka, and celebrity stylist Maryam Razavi.

Building on History

The campaign also builds on the heritage of the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952, the year Coca-Cola was first introduced to Finland. There is a fascinating collection of period photos of Finns enjoying Coca-Cola moments in the company's archives. Many of these became iconic representations of Coca-Cola in Finland, as pictures like these have not been taken since.

"We wanted to do something surprising and different, and something that other brands have not generally done in Finland," says Thea Natri, public affairs and communications manager, Coca-Cola Finland. "We also wanted to leave a mark on history, creating images that live on for decades to come, in the same way the famous Olympic Games images did."

She adds, "The objective was to take pictures that create buzz -- different to those in traditional commercials, that capture moments in time as well as the true character of the person in the picture."

The #AITO series can be viewed in the digital exhibition at until the end of March 2019, and Coca-Cola will also use the images on its own digital channels.