Coca-Cola has been an Atlanta icon since the first serving was poured downtown more than 130 years ago, and on Jan. 12, the World of Coca-Cola unveiled a new temporary gallery celebrating the city that first loved Coca-Cola. Featuring photographs captured by 12 local Instagram influencers, the #ShareaCokewithATL gallery demonstrates how Coca-Cola plays an integral role in Atlantans’ lives – in times of big celebrations and simple moments alike.

“We’re proud of our rich hometown history, and we’re proud that the story of Atlanta and Coca-Cola is still being written,” said Russell Jacobs, general manager of retail and attractions for the World of Coca-Cola. “This gallery shows what it means to share a Coke with Atlanta, through the eyes of a dozen of the most creative people in this great city.”

All 12 influencers featured in the gallery have at least three commonalities: they love Atlanta, they capture the city with a unique visual perspective and, of course, they’re Coca-Cola fans. When invited to contribute to the gallery, the Instagram influencers were given a simple task that united those passions: show us how you “share a Coke with Atlanta.”

Not surprisingly, the influencers created so many compelling images that it was a challenge to choose just one from each person to showcase. Below, get to know the 12 contributing influencers, and catch a glimpse into their unique styles and perspectives through some of the incredible images that were considered for the gallery. Visit the World of Coca-Cola to see the final selections on display, then show the world how you share a Coke with Atlanta by posting your own images on Instagram using #ShareaCokewithATL.

Alyssa – @atl_bucketlist

Alyssa moved to Atlanta in 2014 to start a career in marketing and founded the blog ATL Bucket List to document her adventures in her new home. Since then, she’s explored and documented countless Atlanta hotspots on Instagram, but when asked to #ShareaCokewithATL, she knew exactly where to take her shots. She explained, “Sharing a Coke is about community, so I captured iconic locations like Piedmont Park, the Jackson Street Bridge and the BeltLine where beautiful memories are made and shared.”

Andrew – @rewhunter

Andrew has called Atlanta home since moving to the city in January 2016 to pursue his passion for acting. He works with several businesses to help with photography needs and social media management, but he calls his own Instagram account, “just a glance into my everyday life with my wife and son – more of a journal than anything. For this project, I simply included Coca-Cola in those moments and photos.”

Christynne – @whyiloveatl

A childhood Christmas gift of a Polaroid camera sparked Christynne’s undeniable passion for photography. To this day, the Atlanta-based physical therapist considers the art of capturing single, perfect moments in time as her own form of therapy and escape. When asked what it means to #ShareaCokewithATL, Christynne explained, Coca-Cola isn’t just a soft drink. It’s a familiar face that is at every birthday, graduation and football tailgate. My photos reflect its place in moments that are fun, meaningful, simple and serene.”   

Cynthia – @darlingdownsouth

Cynthia launched her blog, Darling Down South, in 2015 as a way to visually tell the story of Southern food, fashion, tradition and travel – or in her words, “to document a Southern life well-explored.” Cynthia views #ShareaCokewithATL as a way to celebrate the history and heritage of the city, saying that “from our accents to our traffic, there is something notable about Atlanta. I wanted to share a Coke with the history and diverse beauty of this bustling metropolis.”

Elizabeth – @ohheyitsday

Elizabeth’s Atlantan roots run deep – her mother’s family first came to the city in 1915 – but she spent most of her childhood touring the country with her father, a musician, and fell in love with photography while living in Spain. While she loves her global experiences and the way travel has shaped her perspective, she said it’s easy to share a Coke with her hometown, which she calls “the greatest city in the world. The people I’ve met here are some of the most talented and kind people of anywhere I’ve been.” 

Evan – @evan5ps

Taking photos has intrigued Evan from a young age, and in 2014, he saw that in cities around the world, photography was building a culture that celebrated people capturing the world around them in unique ways. Since then, it’s been his mission to use photography to change the way creatives view Atlanta – not simply as the place they live, “but as a blank creative canvas. Personally, I focus on capturing our city and building our photography community,” Evan said, “because as creatives, it is our job to show the world what makes Atlanta such a special place.”

Hadiza – @wovenblends

Though she stays busy pursuing an MA in mass communications from Georgia State University, Hadiza finds time to publish Woven Blends, a lifestyle blog documenting her dual passions of cooking and fashion. Born in England and raised in Nigeria, Hadiza is proud to call the city of Atlanta her second home and said, “My approach to this project was filled with my love for Coca-Cola as well as for Atlanta. These images I captured reflect sharing with the community and are reminders that a bottle of Coca-Cola is as sharable as it is satisfyingly refreshing.”

Josh – @mistahfu

A musician, actor, photographer and YouTuber, Josh is an active member of Atlanta’s creative scene. And as a lifelong resident of Atlanta, Josh is somewhat of a rarity in a city that’s always welcoming newcomers with open arms. When charged with capturing the spirit of his hometown, Josh said, “Coca-Cola embodies many of the great qualities of Atlanta, and I wanted to highlight the diversity and many colors that make this city great.”

Matthew – @matthewwwarren

Matthew is a photographer from the south side of Atlanta. As the son of a racially diverse family, he says vibrant colors, cultures, ethnicities and languages play a major role in his photography and life as a whole. To #ShareaCokewithATL, he captured the power of community, explaining that, “Enjoying an ice-cold Coke is something we can all do on our own, but it becomes a moment of peace when shared in community.”

Nick – @n.effect

Photography may have started as a hobby for this native Atlantan, but it quickly turned into a passion, and Nick aims to spark emotion through each image he captures. This approach is evident in his #ShareaCokewithATL photos, which depict key Atlanta landmarks that Nick says, “mean something to me. Piedmont Park is always alive with the feeling of the city, Skyview Atlanta is a joy to see, and so many memories have been made in the Georgia Dome.”

Taylor – @iwally

As the owner of iWally Photography, Taylor’s work has taken him to different cities around the world to capture shots of everything from landscapes to concerts to weddings to portraits. Though he’s traveled the globe, his roots are in Atlanta, and Taylor said, “#ShareaCokewithATL means so much to people like me who are from Atlanta and have grown up with Coca-Cola. It means a cold drink shared with family that brings a warmth that you can feel from your head to your toes.”

Tony – @tony_ordz

Originally from southern Mexico, Tony discovered his passion for photography while traveling Europe in 2015. He continued capturing images of landscapes, skylines and people since moving to Atlanta in 2016 to pursue his career as an IT engineer. His #ShareaCokewithATL images were actually inspired by a familiar advertisement. Tony says the Coca-Cola Love Story ad, “encouraged me to capture the joyfulness of the mundane and everyday moments.”

To purchase tickets to view the special gallery or learn more about the attraction, visit the World of Coca-Cola online.