Although the numbers have been steadily declining, 168 million are still engaged in child labor, and there is much still to be done. That’s why today, on this World Day Against Child Labor, we must all take action and determine ways to reach the world’s goal of eliminating child labor.

At Coca-Cola, we are working to do our part. Our Human Rights Policy and Supplier Guiding Principles very clearly prohibit the use of child labor, which we work to realize across the Coca-Cola system and with our suppliers. However, as we deeper into our supply chain in some geographies and commodities, we are aware that there are risks of child labor, for instance at the farm level. 

That’s why we work with our suppliers, industry groups and local stakeholders to mitigate child labor risks in our supply chain joint collaborative efforts, and raise our collective voice. We continue to make progress on our company’s human rights due diligence studies on child labor, forced labor and land rights in our top sugar sourcing countries, in which we are gaining greater understanding of the issues and how best to address.

We are also proud to be a member of the Child Labor Platform, a multi-stakeholder group focused on identifying obstacles to the implementation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Conventions in supply chains and surrounding communities, determining practical ways of overcoming these obstacles, and catalyzing collective action. 

On this day we are reminded of the road ahead – and its call to action. We stand with the ILO and its campaign, calling for urgent action on child labor and for the world to achieve the SDG Target 8.7 to end all forms of child labor by 2025. Join us!

Brent Wilton is director of global workplace rights at The Coca-Cola Company