The Atlanta Journal Consitution (AJC) Peachtree Road Race has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1970. What began as a 10k with 110 runners, is now the largest 10k road race in the world with over 65,000 participants from across the U.S.

Peachtree Road Race 2014

The race takes place every Fourth of July weekend. It's an established tradition in Atlanta, GA that The Coca-Cola Company has been a part of for nearly 30 years.

More than 2,000 people registered through Coca-Cola for the 2014 race. Each runner sported a Coke red T-shirt with the “Share a Coke” campaign logo. 

"It's a great team-building event and when you have that many people wearing the same thing, it makes a statement," says Pamela Prystash, Assistant General Manager for HealthWorks at The Coca-Cola Company.

But the spirited shirts were only one aspect of Coca-Cola's team unity at the approximate six-mile run. 

Peachtree Road Race 2014

"At the end of the race everyone congratulates each other for finishing. There's a great sense of togetherness and pride," she adds. 

The event doesn't end at the finish line. The July 4th festivities continued at Coke's hospitality tent where participants were able to rehydrate, refuel and of course, share a Coke. 

Peachtree Road Race signatures
Each year Coke participants sign a banner that hangs at Coke's HealthWorks Center.