It's part of Coca-Cola's DNA to strive to make a lasting difference and generate a positive impact in communities worldwide. In Peru, the award-winning campaign “Happy ID” (Spanish: DNI Feliz) is leading this charge.

Coca-Cola “Happy ID,” developed by McCann, invites all Peruvians to make happiness a part of their identity by smiling in their National Identity Document (ID) photos.

Happy ID
Peruvians say "cheese" for their ID photos. 

“With the ‘Happy ID’ campaign, we sought to encourage all Peruvians to undertake a great mood transformation, starting with a very simple and easy act: to smile while having their national ID photo taken. Smiling is a sign of optimism, well-being and happiness. And it should be expressed and become increasingly visible,” says Lizandra Freitas, Coca-Cola Transandean Franchise Unit Marketing Director.

To implement the campaign, Coca-Cola photo booths were installed in main commercial centers around the country. The only way users could activate the photo booths, is with a smile. In addition, agreements were made with photo shops close to the National ID Registration Office to expand the “Happy ID” campaign and massively increase the ID photo registration process. The response: 90 percent of the IDs issued by the government during the first month of the campaign were happy IDs.

Bringing Home More Than Smiles

The “Happy ID” campaign spread happiness well beyond Peru's borders. It was recognized on a global scale as a top-tier winner at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, winning a Grand Prix and two Gold Awards. 

Happy ID at Cannes
Coke "Happy ID" wins a Grand Prix at Cannes

“This is an acknowledgement that makes us very proud and inspires us to continue pursuing through our campaigns a happier Peru. Coca-Cola seeks to increase the happiness of Peruvians because it is part of our business philosophy and mission, as well as our daily efforts to positively contribute to the country by conveying and inspiring joy, optimism and happiness,” says Freitas.

The “Happy ID” campaign also won a Golden EFFIE, the most important local advertising prize in Peru, as well a Grand Prix and a Gold Award in the media category at El Sol Festival of Bilbao, Spain.