Goal: By 2010, return to the environment – at a level that supports aquatic life –the water we use in our system operations through comprehensive wastewater treatment. As of the end of 2010, we had achieved 93 percent alignment, and by the end of 2011 we estimate 96 percent alignment with our stringent standards.

With statistics showing that 90 percent of wastewater in the developing world is being discharged into the environment without treatment, we are committed to ongoing improvements within our own operations and hoping to inspire others to help make significant improvements in this area.

At this time, approximately 86 production facilities across The Coca-Cola Company (39 percent of overall facilities) have indicated that they reuse water before or after treatment, or use collected rainwater, and 49 facilities (22 percent of our overall facilities) have entered some statistics for the amount of collected rainwater or water reused after treatment.

The water used in our system operations is recycled through a treatment and cleansing process. Treated wastewater also is sometimes used within our plants for utility purposes in boilers, evaporators, chillers and outside for landscape irrigation and dust control. This reduces our use of external water sources.

We will work with local authorities to strive to reach this goal. And where municipal or other external treatment facilities do not exist, we are creating our own wastewater treatment facilities.