The University of North Carolina’s Kenan Stadium in Chapel Hill is known for its picturesque setting and ability to draw capacity crowds.  And, according to, the venue also lives up to the green reputation suggested by the majestic pine forest that surrounds it. 

The team reviewed the sustainability efforts of the country’s top football schools and ranked them on greenness based on the following criteria:

  • Stadium sustainability efforts
  • Number of active green organizations
  • Waste diversion rate
  • Percentage of budget spent on locally grown or organic foods
  • Level of Environmental Studies degrees offered
UNC)came in at No. 6, scoring points for Kenan Stadium’s Rameses Recycles Program, a tailgater recycling program encompassing all athletic arenas. The program includes volunteers distributing trash and recycling bags to tailgaters; recycling bins paired with trash cans throughout the concourse area and gates; fan education/awareness activities and promotions; separation of trash and recyclables during clean-up; and back-of-the-house food waste recovery for composting in kitchens and select concessionaires. Kenan Stadium also irrigates the field and flushes toilets with captured rainwater.

Coca-Cola Recycling Fan of the Week

Coca-Cola has been a proud supporter of UNC’s recycling programs for years, providing syrup barrels to the stadium and engaging Tar Heel fans on Facebook with its Recycle & Win Fan of the Week promotion. This year, the program is providing 20,000 bags to tailgaters and awarding each fan of the week with a $100 gift card from grocery partner Harris Teeter.

Coca-Cola has a long history of supporting schools and sustainability initiatives. The regional Coke team in Missouri, for example, is partnering with the University of Missouri to bring their recycling efforts to life with the placement of recycling containers around its stadium and concourses.

UNC’s Green Stats

  • Active green organizations: 30
  • Waste diversion rate: 46%
  • Amount spent on locally grown or organic foods: 22.4%
  • Offers various degrees related to environmental studies.

Campus Green Initiatives

  • UNC competes in RecycleMania.
  • UNC has a LEED Platinum education center and 54% of new constructions is LEED-certified.
  • UNC provides more than 7 million free bus rides annually and provides other alternative transportation options including bike share.