Ever thought about the material that makes that Polartec® fleece you wear? How about the covering on New Balance sneakers? These two products, both of which are made in New England, have one common element: PET plastic that comes from recycled Coca-Cola bottles.

Coca-Cola of Northern New England (CCNNE), one of Coca-Cola’s largest U.S. independent bottlers, has been operating sustainably for decades. CCNNE’s focus on recycling and waste-reduction initiatives positively impacts the environment, while stimulating the local economy. The recycling industry is thriving in New England, and more jobs are needed in local manufacturing plants and recycling centers to process PET plastic bottles.

New England-based companies, including Foss Manufacturing (which creates that fabric used by New Balance), use recycled PET plastic to create innovative new products. As a result of sustainability practices in place at CCNNE, PET bottles are not ending up in landfills – they are helping build up the local community.

“We believe that a successful business environment requires investment back into the people and planet that allow us to thrive. There currently is a shortage of bottles being recycled by consumers. It’s vital that consumers continue to recycle so that we can continue to improve our environment and our economy,” said Ray Dube, sustainability manager, CCNNE. “We recycle not only our plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but also the ancillary materials that are involved in manufacturing. We are proud that CCNNE can make a positive difference for local businesses and employees across New England.”

Check out the above video to learn more about how CCNNE is taking the lead in recycling.