Did you know recycling one Coke can saves enough energy to power a cell phone for two weeks?

Recycling Education Vehicles

Coca-Cola’s Recycling Division is ramping up its initiatives for Earth Month in April and Earth Day, April 22. That includes sending its Recycling Education Vehicles (REVs) across the country to help educate consumers on the importance of sustainability.

The five vehicles – ranging from a mini-van to a tractor-trailer – visit events and locations where Coca-Cola products are sold, including colleges and universities and sports venues. The vehicles encourage consumer interaction through screens that feature games, videos and facts about Coke's contributions to recycling. Displays show the recycling process of Coca-Cola PET bottles into fibers that can be used to make other products.

The newest addition to REVs is the Pedal Power Interactive, which also ties to our commitment to active living. By pedaling a stationary bicycle, consumers can power their own cell phones with the energy produced.

Recycling Education Vehicles

“Recycling Education Vehicles give consumers visually-interesting and tangible methods to learn about recycling,” said Jan Meyers, manager, recycling communications. “These fun interactive tools help our messages stick with consumers and associates.”

Recently, REVs traveled to the NCAA Men's Final Four in Dallas, the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros home openers and many college campuses. For Earth Day, REVs will be at the Washington Nationals game and the company’s headquarters in Atlanta.