For many, a recycling bin is just a blue box where they put their empty bottles and cans.  But for others, recycling is more than that.  It’s a source of pride for their community.  It shows that they are taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment and protect natural resources for future generations.  A recycling bin may also represent jobs.  Recycling provides 1.1 million jobs in the US according to the EPA.  The blue bins can mean money.  Communities often profit from selling the recyclable materials to help make something new – like Coke bottles or EKOCYCLE products

These are just a few of the reasons why recycling is important to Coca-Cola.  When we help a community increase access to recycling, we are doing more than helping to recover our bottles and cans. 

This Earth Day, in partnership with Keep America Beautiful, we are donating more than 55,000 recycling bins.  These bins will increase access to recycling at parks, schools, colleges and homes in 115 communities across the US. Like in Chicago, where our donation will help Mayor Emanuel provide new recycling carts to homes citywide. At Muskegon Community College in Michigan where there will now be recycling in the student union. Also, in Texarkana, Arkansas people will be able to recycle while playing at their local park.

Increasing access to recycling is not new for Coca-Cola. In North America alone, we have helped place more than 180,000 recycling bins since 2008.  This is an important element in our goal to recover 50 percent of the equivalent bottles and cans we place in market by 2015. For more information, check out

Troy Ellis, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Keep America Beautiful Board Member