For a life-long Red Sox fan (and Massachusetts-native) like me, I was thrilled when Boston won the World Series last year. (Not surprised, of course, just thrilled!) This week opens the baseball season, even thought the Sox have already played two games in Japan and our hometown Braves opened the Nationals new stadium Sunday night. For me, baseball’s start means another seven-eight months of ups and downs following my team.

As a Sox fan, I was also thrilled about a specific item we have in the World of Coca-Cola -- a 2004 World Series ring. (Yes, of course I tried it on before we put it in the case! Wouldn’t you?)

Believe it or not, the ring does relate to Coke! The relationship between the Boston Red Sox and The Coca-Cola Company dates back to 1915 – the longest relationship the Company has with a sports team. In recognition of this partnership, the team gave the 2004 World Series ring to the Coca-Cola system. We had it on display at the original World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, and naturally I made sure to display it in the New WOCC.

Coke_red_sox_ring2   Coke_red_sox_ring

So I’ll be watching as the Red Sox move along toward the 2008 playoffs (and head to the World Series again, I’m sure!), and I’ll keep you posted if we expect to get another ring!