It’s spring. It’s finally warm. And it’s time to get off the couch and get active. Core Power has teamed up with Reebok Spartan Races to give athletes that final push out the door.

Core Power product lineuo

Reebok Spartan Races encourage competition, physical challenge and fun, all while “ripping people off their couches.” Athletes of all abilities compete in one of three levels of timed races. But it’s not that easy. Racers are faced with obstacles like mud pits, barbed wire and ropes to climb, all designed to push comfort zones.  

Spartan Races’ philosophy resonated with the Core Power team. By increasing visibility at Spartan Races, Core Power reaches consumers who are active and who are trendsetters within their social circles.

“Core Power strives to make the world a better place by providing healthy drinks that help athletes be their best,” said J.J. Betts, senior brand manager, Core Power. “Spartan Races embodies that competitive spirit. We want to reach people who are serious about fitness and bettering themselves.”

Core Power truck

Fairlife, maker of Core Power, joined with Coca-Cola’s Venturing & Emerging Brands (VEB) group a little over a year ago. Core Power is a milk-based recovery shake engineered to provide balanced nutrition to athletes. 

More than 300,000 racers are projected to compete in a Spartan Race this year. Each one will receive a cold bottle of Core Power at the finish line. Add that to thousands of Spartan Race spectators and these events will create a number of new brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors will also be touring the country in a 45-foot branded vehicle, dubbed the Core Power Big Rig. Keep an eye out for it on the highways this summer and get to know the team by following the hashtag #CPBIGRIG.

Spartan logo

“The partnership between CORE POWER and Spartan Races is a great example of connecting the brand with its primary targeted consumer to build awareness and trial,” said Bobby Lyemance, group director, Venturing and Emerging Brands. “Product samplings and creative displays at Retail and On-Premise locations already have helped increase the consumption of CORE POWER.”

Want to get involved? Consider joining in on the fun by competing in a Spartan Race in your area. Use the code COREPOWER when you sign up to receive 15 percent off your entry fee. Click here for upcoming race locations. Follow the progress of Core Power and Spartan Races by “liking” the brand page on Facebook.