Seven artists. Seven episodes. One hot new television series. 

UK’s Relentless energy drink and MTV UK have teamed up to create ‘Soundchain’, a new television series that gets up close and personal with some of the best names in music.

‘Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain’ gives fans intimate access and explores the musical inspirations of seven of today's most influential artists− Ed Sheeran, Queens of the Stone Age, Kasabian, Chase & Status, Jake Bugg, Nas and Biffy Clyro. The seven-part show features live performances and in-depth interviews, showcasing the stars’ relentless passion. Each show is filmed in a unique studio setting from locations around the world including Los Angeles, London, Slovenia and New York.

Host Zane Lowe, one of the UK’s best-known DJs and presenters, brings his industry knowledge to the table by asking all the right questions. 

Relentless about Music

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran at Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain.

Each 30-minute show focuses on a different artist from across the spectrum of rock, hip-hop and dance. These artists open up to Lowe, sharing the story of their personal journey from grassroots to global stardom, the key events that shaped their career, the obstacles they have overcome to reach the very top of their game, and the inspirations behind their craft and success.

Here's a taste of English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran's interview from Episode 2: 

[Zane Lowe]: Back to the journey a determination to success… Every single musician there’s a determination to succeed in all dedicated musicians?

[Ed Sheeran]: I think there’s a competitive nature to it. I think that’s the key. I always hear this quote “don’t chase the competition, chase the dream”. But to be honest, when my music’s done, when I’ve finished record that’s the dream achieved and then all that’s left is to chase the competition."

Industry Insider

Soundchain host Zane Lowe has been an intrinsic part of the UK music scene over the past decade. Relentless Brand Manager Natalie Whitehead says his passion and credibility as a music broadcaster, DJ and record producer ensures openness and honesty with his guests that very few other broadcasters can reach.

Soundchain set
Zane Lowe & Jake Bugg on the sofa for Relentless Ultra Presents Soundchain.

“This is the type of TV show I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. We’re attempting to re-create some of the amazing journeys that these artists have been on, as they tell us about the people, the records and the experiences that have brought them to where they are today” says Lowe. 

The Relentless brand ambassador also recently fronted the energy drink’s ‘Here to be Heard’ competition, which supports talented young musicians, DJs, photographers and bloggers.

“The Soundchain sponsorship is a perfect fit for Relentless, reinforcing the brand’s longstanding connection with the music scene and association with energy, passion and commitment,” says Natalie.

As well as tuning in to the show, viewers can also interact with the #Soundchain experience via MTV and Relentless social media channels, including ‘tweet to win’ prizes.

Soundchain will air on three MTV channels: MTV Music, MTV Rocks and MTV Live.

UK Soundchain Schedule on MTV Music [9:30pm] 

EP1 – Kasabian: Sunday, July 6

EP 2 – Ed Sheeran: Sunday, July 20

EP 3 – Chase & Status: Sunday, Aug. 3

EP 4 – NAS: Sunday, Aug. 17

EP 5 – Biffy Clyro: Sunday, Aug.31

EP 6 – Jake Bugg: Sunday, Sept. 14

EP 7 – QOTSA (one hour special): Sunday, Sept. 28