Our local parks and recreation centers are the gateways to healthy, prosperous and connected communities. They provide everything from walkways and running trails to fitness and nutrition classes and so much more. In fact, we believe that parks are one of the most powerful aspects of any community.  

Part of our mission at NRPA is to ensure all people can experience the benefits provided by parks and recreation. The reality is, not every community has equal access to quality parks or recreation programs, but we are working to change that. That’s why we value partnerships that are steeped in a common vision of inspiring happy, healthy neighborhoods.

Through programs like Troops for Fitness, a joint initiative with The Coca-Cola Foundation, we aim to improve the health and wellness of communities nationwide through low- to no-cost fitness and nutrition classes taught by our nation’s veterans.

And through our latest partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, we are administering grants to communities to improve their parks and recreation facilities. From the North Ward in Newark, NJ, to the South Side of Los Angeles, CA, and neighborhoods in between, we are helping to ensure families, teens and young adults have inviting places to gather, be active and enjoy the outdoors.

In partnership with local government, these grants will help develop soccer fields, expand teen wellness initiatives and provide fitness equipment, among other efforts. This program also makes it possible for us to continue our support for the facilities, innovative programs and people that bring to life the transformative power of parks and recreation on the health and vitality of communities served. 

We’re excited to be working together with business, government and the public to create healthier spaces and happier communities all across the United States. And really, what better way to make the vision a reality than through local parks and recreation; after all, these treasured spaces are the cornerstones of good neighborhoods everywhere.

Stay tuned for more updates as we break ground on new projects and celebrate new parks in communities across the country. 

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