Parents send their kids care packages when they leave home for a new journey to college, the military or a first job.

Now, Minute Maid is flipping the script in a new film from its #doingood campaign – which reminds parents of all the great things they do to make a positive difference in their children’s lives – by encouraging a daughter to send her parents a care package filled with love and appreciation.

“We’ve been focused on championing the good in every family and, in particular, celebrating parents who may not get the recognition they deserve,” said Shannon Richmond, brand director, Minute Maid. “One idea that percolated was that when adult children move out of the house, their parents support them by mailing them care packages with goodies, handwritten notes and reminders of home. We saw an opportunity to reverse that tradition.”

“Reverse Care Package” spotlights the Torres family. Elva says joining the U.S. Army has been her toughest challenge yet, and being more than 2,000 miles away from her parents – Raoul and Marta – makes it even harder. During basic training, when she felt like she couldn’t hold on any longer, a well-timed care package from home convinced her to keep pushing ahead.

“From the first day we met them, we could see the love and appreciation they share for one another,” said Richmond. “The level of support that goes both ways is truly special.”

Reverse Care Package

Raoul, who spent 27 years in the military, inspired her to enlist. And while her parents put the pursuit of their daughter’s dreams first, their Utah “nest” often feels empty without her.

In the film, Elva packs a care package to send to her folks halfway across the country. She included photos, a bottle of sand from the same beach where Elva and Raoul both trained – and some goodies and mementos and, most importantly, green toy soldiers Elva played with as kid. A heartfelt letter put in writing what she’d always wanted to say to them.

Reverse Care Package

“You showed me that I could dedicate my life doing whatever it was that I was truly passionate about,” she wrote. “I haven’t had the chance to walk beside you in a while, but I still feel as safe as I did when you were by my side. Thank you forever.” 

The reverse care package even included an “outside-the-box” surprise for the entire family. “We weren’t sure we could pull it off, but we did,” Richmond said. 

Watch it all unfold here:

Minute Maid will release a second “Reverse Care Package” #doingood film in July.

Since launching on Mother’s Day 2015, the Minute Maid #doingood campaign has resonated with fans by tapping into a universal truth that supports the brand’s mantra of ‘Put Good In, Get Good Out’.

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