American Idol judges' desk

Something was different on American Idol last week. Did you catch it? In addition to  the Top 40 sudden-death rounds in Vegas,  there was something new on the judge’s table!

Last week, the judges’ famous red Coca-Cola bell-shaped cups turned to silver Diet Coke cups, and starting this week, Coke Zero will hold a primetime spot at the judges’ table.

Using the power of the American Idol audience, we are reminding fans that Coca-Cola provides many great tasting choices – with and without calories – for people to enjoy.

Diet Coke and Coke Zero continue to be fan-favorites. Diet Coke is the No. 2 soft drink in the U.S., and since its introduction in 2005, Coke Zero continues its strong and consistent growth.

The presence of these two no-calorie beverage options on the show supports the Company’s ongoing efforts to educate consumers and provide beverage choices to help people lead active, healthy lives.  

We remain committed to bringing people together to address obesity, and invite you to join us.