Creating vidoes that feature Coca-Cola and food or restaurants is one of the really fun things we get to do on our blog. As I blogged almost two years ago, Robert and Sharon Carver agreed to let us film a video at their restaurant.  In order to film, we had to be at the restaurant at 5:45 AM when they began cooking. 

As I approached the restraunt, the aroma of good food was just overwhelming.  Robert greeted me at the door and entertained all of us with stories while Sharon directed the kitcen and then did the interviews.


I saw today that Robert Carver passed away and it caused the usual mixed emotions.  I was sorry for his passing and my heart goes out to his family but I am glad and proud to have met Robert Carver to tell Sharon's and his story through our blog.  If you ever come to Atlatna, you have to eat at Carver's Country Kitchen, but... make sure you bring cash!