Yesterday, I got to take a bus trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee to give a presentation on the history of Coca-Cola. While I have given this presentation many times in the past, never have I done it while riding on a bus, standing backwards (to face the audience). As I told them, I considered it a successful presentation simply because I did not lose my balance and fall down the steps! When it comes to Coca-Cola in bottles, all roads stem from Chattanooga, site of the first Coca-Cola Bottling Company which was started when Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead acquired the rights to bottle Coke in 1899. In fact, there is a local saying that I learned: "Inside every bottle of Coca-Cola, there's a little bit of Chattanooga."

The highlight of my day came when I met Robert, who is pictured below with me at a great shop called The Ice Cream Show in Chattanooga. Robert told me that he had a Coke every afternoon between 3-4 PM, and loves ice cream at night. He is an 80 year-old Alabama native, and even has a case of the Coca-Cola Bear Bryant commemorative bottles, a favorite among Coca-Cola Collectors. Please join me in giving Robert a Coca-Cola salute!

Jamal Booker and Coca-Cola Fan Robert in Chattanooga