Sweden is famous for its many different local dialects, with distinct phonetic and grammatical features that can be incomprehensible, even to other Swedes.

Coca-Cola has come up with an innovative way to celebrate Sweden's diversity, with the help of a new dialect machine, called "dialect-o-mate".

Located in Stockholm's buzzing Stureplan, this unique device challenges passers-by to mimic regional accents from the holiday destinations featured in Coke's Swedish summer campaign. Using built-in voice recognition, the machine is programmed to recognize six dialects, from Abisko to Ystad. 

If the person passes the voice test, the "dialect-o-mate" rewards them with a free bottle of Coke, carrying the local holiday destination label. The machine proved an instant hit, with fans lining up to put their vocal skills to the test.

Coca-Cola Sweden handed out 800 bottles to consumers and scored a major PR hit, with very strong interest in the story in trade and lifestyle press.

"Our country's versatile regional dialects may be confusing, but they are part of what makes Sweden so unique. With the dialect machine, we are not only having some fun with our cultural diversity, we are also bringing our summer campaign to live at a local level, making it relevant and engaging," said Olivia Enquist, marketing director, Coca-Cola Sweden.