Back in July, I went to the Coca-Cola Collectors Club's convention near Dallas for a week.

Coke_plastic_lamp_224I’ve shown you just a few of the collectibles that sold during the live auction at the convention. (That's the "Coke Stuff Sells for How Much?" post, if you want to take a look.)

Well, the Collectors Club has put up the results for more than 200 Coke pieces sold in this summer's auction . You can see the descriptions, the winning bids and a photo of each item.

As often occurs with Coke collectibles, you'll see quite a range of prices from the Dallas auction (from $10 to $1,700). Item 224, a plastic hanging lamp (pictured above), sold for $10.

Coke_clock_052Item 52, an outdoor Coke clock from the 1950s, sold for $500.

And the highest price of the day came for Item 132 (pictured below), a 1960s starburst light-up piece that sold for $1,700.

You can see these pieces and more in the auction results. The Club's site is a great place to check if you're wondering what something is selling for – and to gauge today's prices for Coca-Cola collectibles. In fact, there are results from five auctions on the site, so if you don't see an item in the results from Dallas, you can check out prices from auctions over the past few years.

Coke_light_up_sign_132_2Just remember this: As with any item, getting a certain price always depends on having the right buyer at the right time. That means memorabilia could sell for more or less, depending on how badly a buyer wants a piece. And, as I've said a few times on the blog, condition really drives the value of a piece.

So if you have a house full of Coke pieces, check out the Collectors Club site to see if you've got an early retirement coming your way!

And of course, I hope you'll come back regularly to my blog for more about Coke collectibles and the collectors themselves!