We are working toward engaging suppliers of all our key ingredients through our Supplier Engagement Program. It provides a framework consisting of seven stages of improvement toward reaching compliance with our Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles (SAGPs). Suppliers are given information and guidance about assessments, audits, measurement of progress, and validation of performance so that they can qualify for sustainability certification.

We aim to establish and maintain reliable, long-term relationships with suppliers; support the many environmental and social aspects of sustainability in communities where our ingredients are grown and processed; and accelerate progress toward our 2020 goal. We measure this progress through our Seven Steps to Supplier Verification, which are:

  1. Initiating engagement

  2. SAGP Awareness – Supplier is informed about our Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles, overall Sustainable Agriculture/Sustainable Sourcing requirements and possible pathways to validation.

  3. Path Selection – Supplier selects path to validate (i.e. external certification or 3rd party audit)

  4. Embarking Validation – Self-assessment (certification membership or audit firm identified)

  5. Validation Audit – Audit carried out by 3rd party auditor against certification standards or SAGP

  6. Part of Supply Audited – Audit meeting satisfactory level has been carried out for part of suppliers’ volume to TCCC

  7. Entire Supply Audited – Audit meeting satisfactory level has been carried out for part of suppliers’ entire volume to TCCC

By developing and implementing crop-specific programs, we aim to enhance the economic well-being of farming communities, improve yields and protect natural resources across the supply chain. But we cannot do it alone; our efforts are supported by industry-wide collaboration in order to gain alignment and effect change in the agricultural industry.

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