I love really amazing vacations. The kind where you don’t have a worry in the world. The kind where you’re in just such a state of joy from the places you’re experiencing, the laughs you share, and the people you’re with. It’s amazing what a few work-free days with incredible experiences and special people can do for your soul. And as awesome as those times or weeks are, nothing is worse than the hangover that follows. While you’ve been infused with joy, when it’s all over, having to be back to normalcy can feel like such a low.

Times of high joy are always going to feel incredible. They’re also really vulnerable states. All you can do is embrace the moment and be happy that you’re living it. And afterward, know that the hangover will pass, just like the one after a night of drinking always does. Eventually you’ll feel more even-keeled. You’ll be a bit more stable. And the "happiness hangover" will leave as quickly as it came.

However, as I’m dealing with the worst of happiness hangovers today (think one too many shots of joy), I’ve been reminding myself of a few things that help with the funk, which should help you when you too find yourself in this hangover of sorts.

1. Be Grateful

I feel like gratitude is always the best kind of medicine for days like these. When you can remember the experiences you had and be really, really appreciative that they happened, you can pull yourself up out of the crap. I had a good friend say to me this morning, “How lucky are you to even have had this weekend! Most people will never experience days like that. That’s what you hold onto.” And she’s right. Lucky. Appreciative. Grateful. I’m all of those things. And that helps with the haze.

2. Get Back to Work

Just do it. I feel like mornings like these are the best for flinging yourself back into the work that keeps you overly occupied. Get on calls. Power through the presentation. You may just feel like napping and reminiscing in the hangover, but getting into action and feeling like you’re in drive can help power through the happiness hangover. It’s one of those times working too hard can be a good thing.

3. Quit Thinking

I’m the queen of overthinking everythinggggg. I’ll think and rethink and overthink every little thing. When you’re in the midst of a happiness hangover, the best thing you can do is to stop the thinking. Enter to a place of gratitude. Enter a place of contentment and peace. And let the thinking move to the side. You’ll climb out of the valley much quicker.

What are your tips for coming back from an amazing vacay?

Maxie McCoy

Maxie McCoy is the voice and red-hair behind MaxieMcCoy.com, the lifestyle blog where you'll find plenty of "me too!" moments.

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