DSCN4475 Wile I am primarily working at the EXPO, I was offered the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Bottling plant and then to do a market visit with one of their key customer account leaders.  This tour was a great way to see how we are building the business in one of our largest and fastest growing markets.

The tour they gave me of the plant is the same one that is offered to the school kids who visit the facility. The photograph to the left is a picture of part of the museum they have built into the plant.  While it is not the World of Coca-Cola, it gives a great overview of of both Coca-Cola and Shanghai heritage.

DSCN4466 Then I watched the canning line running with Coca-Cola Zero.  If you have never seen a line at full speed, it is an amazing site.

I finished the day as we visited over 20 retail establishments that were near the entrance of the EXPO.  It was fascinating to see the way the point of sale advertising was customized to each store to match their customers.  I was able to try one of the new products, Sprite Tea which was pretty good.  In the larger grocery store we visited, the sales staff had erected a model of the China Pavilion from EXPO made out of Coca-Cola cans.

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