As a proud Founding Global Partner of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community, The Coca-Cola Company believes young people have an indispensable role in shaping a better, brighter and happier future. This special series highlights the semifinalists competing to win five $10,000 prizes as part of the Coca-Cola Shaping a Better Future Grant Challenge for the Global Shapers Community.

The objective of "I Break My Silence" is to create an ecosystem free from all forms of gender-based violence by encouraging survivors to share their experience and inspire the community to take action.

I Break My Silence uses a four-point approach to end gender-based violence (sexual harassment, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, eve teasing)" 

a)    Provide a safe online platform for survivors of gender-based violence to share their stories and break their silence.

b)    Encourage community to intervene in situations and not be bystanders, sharing their stories of intervention on the online platform to inspire others to take action.

c)     Engage the youth through awareness sessions on the reality of the prevalence of gender based violence, its impact and prevention.

d)    Community campaigns in collaboration with local governments and agencies to create a safe environment that encourages survivors and bystanders to speak up.

Stories have the power to bring a change and through IBMS, we hope to make stories of these survivors heard. We are addressing the issue by fostering hope and affirmative action by sharing of experiences. When each individual who experienced abuse reaches out and breaks their silence and every idle bystander breaks their silence, society will start to correct itself. Through engagement of local authorities, we plan to build an ecosystem where it is safe to speak up. It is about building a proactive and engaged community. The ‘doers’!

Chandigarh Global Shapers

Impact to Date

  • 100+ stories shared on the website
  • Impacted 150,000  lives directly through social and print media.
  • Conducted school workshops with 400 students across 5 schools on awareness of gender based violence and how they can be part of the solution.
  • An intense workshop with 2 schools aimed at empowering the students through introspection and reflection of how the problem is deep rooted.
  • Conducted on ground campaigns covering 250 people who raised their voice against any form of violence and harassment.


Global Shapers Chandigarh Hub includes Munish Jauhar (Founding Curator), Jaideep Bansal (Curator), Aman Ahluwalia, Nehmat Kaur, Maninder Bajwa, Varun Kashyap, Kshitij Mehra, Simarpreet Singh,  Neelima Raheja, Rubina Singh, Muskaan Maharia, Amanveer Singh, Monika Bothra, Pulkit Aggarwal



The bedrock principle that the Chandigarh hub established was respecting and leveraging the capabilities of all the Shapers. Once that was set and with a common goal in mind to serve the community, the passionate Shapers worked selflessly with all the stakeholders. The diversity of the group really helped to bring in getting a very holistic view of the problem at hand and an equally effective solution. It was a truly inspiring and life changing experience to work with such an incredible group of people. As Dr. Klaus Schwab put it so aptly it is about Binding, Bonding and Building and that is what precisely happened when it came to the "I Break My Silence" project that each Shaper could own. The project brings a piece of every Shaper with it – whether it is the way it could relate to the youth or in the way that it could relate to those in need. We all gave a part of ourselves to this work and hope it can bring amazing change to the lives of others.

Next Steps

Through IBMS, we hope to build a community free from gender-based violence. We plan to utilize the funds from the $10,000 grant, to work on the following:

a)    Increasing Online Outreach: Through the Internet, anyone, anywhere can share their story and empower others in similar situations. The funds will be used to develop the website further and increase outreach.

Simarpreet Singh

b)    On-ground Campaigns: IBMS will reach out to the community through street-level awareness programs and encourage both survivors and bystanders to act and intervene in such situations. The idea is to raise awareness on gender-based violence amongst the masses. Also, working with young students is key to eradicate this evil from our society.

Simarpreet Singh has always been an inquisitive child. He remembers being thrown out his class multiple times for asking ‘too many questions’. Good conversations, books, good humor, food and travel attract him. After getting bored of the rigid educational system, he has come out with his own style to spread knowledge – Edutainment. He mixes up education with entertainment quotient and designs, conceptualizes and conducts content shows for multiple brands. Quizzes, spell bees, workshops, discussions are his forte. He co-founded a public speaking organization in college and has been a part of literary activities. He has worked with leading newspapers, radio channels and brands to spread edutainment.