To celebrate the return of Share a Coke, Coca-Cola Great Britain employees ditched the desks at their new offices and hit the streets of London to share ice-cold cans of Coke with the public.

But, the fun didn’t stop there! On the same day, teams in Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam, Dublin and Copenhagen were also out in full force, sharing moments of happiness across Europe.
In total, more than 800 employees shared a Coke with more than 145,000 people across six cities!Wearing bright Coca-Cola t-shirts personalized with individual names, each of our teams manned a different Share a Coke station around some of London’s most popular locations, including Oxford Circus, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Camden, Liverpool Street, Paddington and Victoria.

As the sun shone, the crew handed out cans of Coca-Cola and Coke Zero, featuring nicknames such as "Mate" and "Dude" in place of the iconic Coca-Cola logo. Meanwhile, the Coke billboard at Piccadilly Circus played a special Share a Coke-themed animation on its world-famous screen.

Here's what a few team members had to say while they were sharing a Coke with London – here’s what they had to say:

Philippa Sweetnam

Who would you Share a Coke with, and why?

My sister, because she’s just got a new job and become a lawyer, so I feel she deserves a celebration. Philippa Sweetnam, Brand Activation



What’s the most exciting thing about Share a Coke this year?

Chris Ross

The online shop, because it means we can make everybody in Great Britain happy by giving them a bottle with their name on. Chris Ross, Marketing

Lucy Leveritt

The wider range of names. All my friends are really excited that they’re going to be able to find their names. Lucy Leveritt, Internal Communications