To celebrate the launch of Share a Coke – our summer campaign – we wanted to share a moment of happiness with our consumers.


Across 6 European cities, more than 800 of our employees went out and about on the 14th of May to Share a Coke with the general public.

From Camden to Covent Garden, Liverpool Street to Leicester Square, ambassadors from Coca-Cola Great Britain handed out Coca-Cola and Coke Zero cans featuring ‘Friends’ in place of the iconic Coca-Cola logo.

The teams were kitted out in bright Coca-Cola t-shirts personalised with their individual names and of course, equipped with matching ponchos. Not even the rainy weather could keep the smiles off the faces of our ambassadors as they greeted the public with an invitation to “Share a Coke”.

Share a Coke in action

Here’s what some of our ambassadors had to say about the day:

Chris Drumey

Chris Drumey, Digital Shopper Marketing
“It’s been a little bit wet but spirits are very high! We’re getting through the stock unbelievably quickly given the weather and people are absolutely loving it. Because it’s the ‘Friends’ can, people from other countries can easily recognise it too. We’re in Oxford Circus so we’re seeing lots of tourists getting excited. The logo has been the same for 127 years and now it’s people’s names in the place of the most recognisable brand in the world.

Nareni Gonzalez

Nareni Gonzalez, Finance

“As soon as people see Coca-Cola they smile. I think Share a Coke is a really good idea because everybody can see that Coca-Cola is our brand to share. I’d like to share a Coke with my family as they’re far away, so I will get all their names for them.”

Clive Edwardes

Clive Edwardes, Procurement

“The reactions from people today have been brilliant. Two highlights from today:  1. Giving a can to a policeman and 2. Giving a can to a bus driver – he was tooting his horn until he got one. I’d most like to Share a Coke with my children as they’re at university.”

Claire Richards

Claire Richards, Knowledge and Insights

“Everyone’s really interested in Share a Coke and people have been asking about how they can find their own names. I even got asked to share a kiss – of course, I turned it down! It’s a great campaign, really unique and allows people to feel like they’re connecting with the brand. I’d share a Coke with my dad.”

And look! Our team in Ireland took it to the streets, too.

Pherenice Noble is Communications Manager at Coca-Cola Great Britain.