On a summer afternoon, Kisha McClure found herself sitting in the dining area  at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta. The lineup of cabs outside soon caught her eye on the sweltering day.

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Wouldn’t it be great, McClure posted on the company's social network, to bring the cabbies a few ice-cold drinks?

The idea soon bounced to Christy Amador, senior communications manager for Coca-Cola Ambassador. She decided to test it right away. 

“I had a small Ambassador session scheduled the same day in Atlanta,” Amador said. “It ended up being one of the most powerful I’ve facilitated. The group did a fantastic job of participating in the session, and at the end, I asked them for their help bringing drinks to the cabbies.”

They found themselves on North Avenue, handing out cold Cokes and heart-shaped Coca-Cola Ambassador car magnets (which read "Buy Someone You Love a Coke") to an audience of appreciative drivers.

The initiative didn’t stop there. For her next training session, a small crew took Cokes to not only the cabbies but to some of the construction workers who have been laboring on the Coca-Cola campus. The group even flagged down random drivers by the Georgia Tech campus.

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“Being a great Coca-Cola Ambassador starts with everyday actions,” Amador said. “I can’t think of a more awesome way to win over fans for your brand than starting with people you encounter every day.”

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