ARS00532[1]I have been working on a baseball project for the past few days, and given how much I love baseball, it has been a fun project.  I was amazed to find a 1916 ad today that features "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. While a number of noted players, including Ty Cobb, appeared in Coca-Cola ads, I had never seen this one.  Joe is in the top left corner and Heinie Zimmerman of the Cubs is top right and Bill Donavan of the Yankees is at the bottom. For those who do not know the story, Joe Jackson was one of eight Chicago White Sox players who were accused of intentionally throwing the 1919 World Series.  The "Black Sox" were indicted and tired for fraud.  While all eight were acquitted, the newly appointed Baseball Commissioner, Kenesaw Mountain Landis gave all the players a lifetime ban from baseball.  "Shoeless" Joe became a tragic iconic sports figure and his tales is recounted in several movies and books including two of my favorites - Eight Men Out and Field of Dreams.