About halfway through Coke’s Big Game ad – which boldly tackles online hate and invites the world to bring more positivity to their keystrokes and mouse clicks – an acapella affirmation offers a sonic salve to images of text-message bullying, social media jabs and partisan punditry.

Don’t let me show cruelty, though I may make mistakes.

Don’t let me show ugliness, though I know I can hate.

And don’t let me show evil, though it might be all I take.

Show me love. Show me love. Show me love.

The Internet has been buzzing ever since not only with happiness, but with curiosity about the appropriate soundtrack to the warmly received Coca-Cola commercial.

The song is “Show Me Love”, and the band is Hundred Waters, a critically acclaimed quartet from Gainesville, Fla. We caught up with lead singer and keyboardist, Nicole Miglis, to learn what inspired her to write the song and how it aligns with the #MakeItHappy message.

When did you write ‘Show Me Love’, and what inspired the lyrics? 

I wrote it last winter in my journal. We were staying at a friend's house in Miami while we were working on our second album, and I was having a hard time. So I wrote it in my journal as a reminder to myself. Turning it into a song was an accident. I was doing this thing at that time where I'd write something every day and try to sing it or record it somehow. So I did that with “Show Me Love”, and it naturally grew into a song. 

What is the song's overall message? What do you want listeners to take away from it?

For me, it's an internal thing. It's a personal reminder to myself rather than what I want people to do to one another. I can't really control that, or feel like it's my place to. But I do think it's a good thing to tell  yourself.

When did you first hear the song would be featured in Coke’s #MakeItHappy ad, and what was your reaction?

As a small band with not much exposure, it's exciting. It seems nothing but positive. And I really believe in the song, so any opportunity to expose more people to the music is positive to us. 

Why did you guys want to get involved with the #MakeItHappy campaign and why is this an important issue for your band?

I think combating negativity, in general, is an important issue. I understand negativity, and I feel it, too. I think it's a conscious thing you work on. 

Hundred Waters

As an emerging artist, social media is critically important to building both your fanbase and brand. Have you guys experienced online negativity and, if so, how have you responded?

I've always thought we've been unusually lucky with negativity. People are kind to us online… I'd like to think it's because we try to treat people around us well, but I think it's luck, too. I've seen a lot of great artists just get irrational hate from people online. Not to be confused with debate... which I think is healthy. But I've seen people receive just really ugly comments from people. And a lot of it, I feel like, is just because people can. They'd never say it in person. That's the problem. It's easier to be cowardly online. 

What can artists and fans do, collectively, to steer the online conversation to a more positive place?

To think about these things in terms of people, and not computers. Technology is an extension of humanity, not a disconnection. 

An acoustic version of 'Show Me Love' will be featured on your upcoming remix album, and you guys just released a video for the song. What can you tell us about that?

When we tour, because it's just the four of us, and only me on vocals, we play a different version of the song with me and a piano. So when we started assembling our remix album, it seemed appropriate to start it with that version. My friend Alex (the director of the video) had just moved to L.A., and we'd talked about shooting something once he did. I came to him with the idea of “Show Me Love.” I found this house in Hollywood Hills with a piano and had the idea to surround it in silk. Paul (Giese, electronics and guitars) set up the lights and projected onto the fabric while I played, and it all came together perfectly. I'm really happy with the video. Watch it here.