There’s a reason why John Hancock’s name is synonymous for a person’s signature. Remembered for his florid and prominent autograph on the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the Patriot’s handwriting revealed concrete clues into his personality—he was bold, passionate and assertive.

Graphology, the practice of inferring someone’s traits, abilities or attitudes from their writing style, has been a subject of study and fascination for years. It may be written on pieces of paper or scribbled on napkins, but your handwriting truly speaks volumes. So, what does your handwriting really say about you?

Our friends at Target shed some insight into that quirky question at TED2014. The Bullseye’s interactive social space at the conference—a relaxing spot for minds to mingle between talks—brought together several graphologists from around the world. These onsite experts analyzed TEDsters’ handwriting and helped uncover their type of design personality.

Below, Sheila Lowe—president of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) and one of Target’s analysts at TED—shares a few findings about the art of analyzing writing and what it can reveal about you.