W1098The Coca-Cola Company has always tried to help our service sales staff decorate their customer's stores and fountains to attract more foot traffic. We sent out a number or pamphlets with ideas and instructions.  I ran across this 1928 dealer sales aid showing several options to set up a window display using this 1928 three dimensional bench.  We had this bench on display at the old World of Coca-Cola for over a decade and it is a beautiful item. 

W5626-loThe one photograph I had of the bench as it was displayed at Irwin's Confectionery in Columbus, Ohio.It looks a bit more cluttered than the simple approach shown in the dealer sales aid pamphlet which I attached at the bottom of the post.  While the pamphlet featured eight, I only scanned three of them.

Last week I blogged about the Red Barrel Magazine and how I use them for research.  This is a good example.  I have attached the April 1928 Red Barrel.  This issue had a special article on how the bench window display, fence festoon and bathing girl poster were all to be used for different location between May and August 1928.  Download RB1928-Apr

While we have the bench, I sure would love to have some of the crepe paper shown in these displays!

1928 bench display 1 1928 bench display 2 1928 bench display 7