On July 14, 400-plus students and teams from sports and business sectors performed at the 2013 Rope Skipping Marathon Demo Cup. The Coca-Cola Foundation sponsored the event and partnered with the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education (SSPE), Faculty of Education and The Chinese University of Hong Kong to make it all possible.

Over 20 local primary and secondary school teams, as well as teams from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Coca-Cola, showcased their creative and acrobatic rope skipping skills at the event.

The audience also enjoyed a demonstration by the Hong Kong rope skipping team. Their performance incorporated world-class rope skipping moves, stunts, dancing and gymnastics.

“Rope skipping encourages creativity and teamwork,” says Amy Ha, Chairperson, SSPE, Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She says, “The teams demonstrated remarkable levels of achievement across various parameters, such as music, synchronization, creativity and gymnastic flair.”

“Over the past three years, we have successfully encouraged over 17,000 teachers and students to try rope skipping,” says Florence Yu, Senior Public Affairs and Communications Manager at Coca-Cola China.

“Through our support of the Demo Cup we hope to energize more teenagers to take up rope skipping." In addition she says, "We will also organize a community session with professional coaches teaching first-time skippers basic rope skipping techniques. Novice skippers will experience firsthand the fun of rope skipping and receive beaded ropes and drinks for free.”

The Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team.

The Hong Kong Rope Skipping Team. 

Three-time Olympic swimmer Sherry Tsai and local singer Ella Koon also demonstrated their acrobatic rope skipping skills. “Acrobatic rope skipping enhances body coordination and strengthens muscle endurance and cardiopulmonary functions,” says Tsai. She adds, “Rope skipping is a great way to stay in shape in a small city like Hong Kong.”

The 2013 Coca-Cola Foundation Rope Skipping Demo Cup Program has promoted rope skipping activities and the energy balance philosophy in over 20 secondary and primary schools. The program has also conducted research to evaluate the impact of acrobatic rope skipping on physical and mental health, personal autonomy, and youth communication skills.