It goes without saying that being the official "blogtographer" of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola is the best job in the entire world. My task is simply to share the tour with the world through the lens of my camera, and to show how the trophy is the world's trophy and football is the world's sport.

I recently pulled together a selection of images from the first three months of the tour that showcase a bit of the theme behind the tour... and capture the happiness football, the trophy and Coca-Cola bring to people around the world.

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It's difficult to accurately describe the last three months of my life on tour. In just under 12 weeks, we've visited over 40 countries and shared the trophy with thousands of football fans from all over the world. Being able to meet and talk with people from these countries has been such a rewarding part of my role on the team. I'm constantly amazed at the power football has, and the sense of freedom and pure happiness it gives people of all ages, races and economic backgrounds. 
During the tour, we've been fortunate to visit some truly incredible locations like Corcovado in Rio, the Pyramids in Cairo and the beaches of the Caribbean. Even though these countries and places are far apart, the people who live there all share a passion for football and a love for the trophy. For me, it's been eye-opening to see the range this sport has... to walk through the streets and see kids playing with makeshift goalposts, with or without shoes and then going to a national stadium and seeing former World Cup champions kicking a ball and teaching young players. It's a sport about passion, and it doesn't matter where you come from or what you have. Anyone can play.
Coca-Cola and FIFA have developed a tour to engage the world and unite people around the sport, and we've seen that already in the few months we've been on the road. We've seen supporters of opposing teams come together for a photo with the trophy. We've seen champions and fans unite. And we've seen generations of players joining to celebrate with their country. 

Being able to tell the stories of people from around the world is an amazing opportunity and one that I constantly have to remind myself is real... that I'm actually in Cairo or Ramallah or San Jose, talking with people and capturing their moments of happiness, their smiles and their stories.

I can't wait for the next six months, the next 40 countries and the stories that are waiting to be shared, the smiles that are waiting to be captured, and the celebrations waiting to be held when the trophy arrives.

Joel Robison is Coca-Cola's official 'blogtographer' on the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. Get to know him here.