During a market visit in Perú, Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent and the delegation stopped by a small store and spoke to its owner, a woman in her 40s. They asked many questions regarding her business: what was it that she sold most of, what were her clients´ favorite brands, which products did consumers like best and more. The Coca-Cola team thanked her for her time and for providing very useful information. When they were about to leave the store, she asked for a couple of minutes as she had something to say. 

Muhtar Kent in Lima, Peru

Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent visiting a store in Lima, Peru.

And then she told her story. That her mother opened the store 30 years ago. Ever since she was a little girl she learned about the business and helped her mother at the store. After her mother died, she started managing the business herself and what she wanted was to thank Coca-Cola and Mr. Muhtar Kent especially, as it is through Coca-Cola that she can make her business grow. Thanks to Coca-Cola´s great products and because the company´s team works so well, she is able to keep her clients happy with quality and varied products. She said thanks to the great management at Coke, she can offer every day products that are preferred and consumed by millions of people in Perú.

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Teresa Perez del Castillo is sustainability manager at the Coca-Cola Transandean Franchise Unit.