Coca-Cola has always tried to create more happiness in people’s lives. Coke was first served at the soda fountain, the most popular social space of its day. We know that connecting with other people is the greatest driver of human happiness.

Earlier this year, in collaboration with our teams in India and Pakistan, and creative partner @LeoBurnett, we created a special experience to show the power of connection: #smallworldmachines.

Set up in New Delhi and Lahore, our first-ever small world machines bridged real people, real-time, to exchange greetings, engage in fun interactions, and share a Coca-Cola. Unique technology enabled the experience.

Our greatest challenge was making sure the technology would work. Yet our greatest success was in how transparent the technology became – just a means to a connection between two groups of people who want more positive exchange

Small world machines celebrates the simplest of connections, like a joyful wave to someone far away. But it also celebrates a more universal truth: we are all connected, and what we have in common is, and will always be, more powerful than what divides us.

Please join me in a live Twitter chat to ask questions about #smallworldmachines, and discover more about how we brought them to life, what we learned and experienced along the way, and what might be next….

How do you participate?

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Share your questions in the comments below, and join us in the conversation on Thursday. See you then. :)

Jackie Jantos Tulloch is global creative director at Coca-Cola, and led the #smallworldmachines project. Follow her at @laneythecat.

Haven't seen the Small World Machines video yet? Get ready to smile: