5446330532_c4dc96282e_b In November, Jamal, Phil and I hosted three visitors from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History for a meeting and tour of the Archives storage area.  In the photo to the left, Phil is showing an early festoon to Peter Liebhold, Chair of the Division of Work and Industry, Dr. Nancy Ellen Davis, Curator in the Division of Home and Community Life and Kari Fantasia the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations.  They were in Atlanta to discuss any possible roles Coca-Cola could play in an exhibit on American Business.  The exhibit, which is tentatively titled American Enterprise, will be the Smithsonian's first comprehensive exhibition on the history of American business, work and finance and is scheduled to open in 2014.

Phil and I visited the Museum when we were in Washington, DC this summer and really enjoyed the exhibits.  The special exhibition on the Apollo Theatre, Price of Freedom, Pop Culture and even Julia Child's kitchen were all amazing.  I am glad we are exploring the opportunities with such a fine organization to identify areas where the history of The Coca-Cola Company could exemplify American Enterprise.  For a sneak peak at the planning for the exhibit, you can visit the exhibition development website which they want to be interactive and open for public involvement.