The heritage team of Coca-Cola has spent the entire summer preparing for an upcoming project that will launch in 2015. Using company artifacts, they gathered and customized a set for viewers to experience Coca-Cola and its heritage in a new and exciting way. The project will include rare pieces of company history and a peak into life at Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Archives sneak preview
Ted Ryan tests out the GoPro with the filming crew at the AOC.

All of their hard work came to a head the week of September 29th when they welcomed a filming crew from Spain. The two teams took over different areas of the Atlanta Office Complex and captured the spirit of the company and its associates. Scripts were read, “action” was announced, and cinematic magic was made.

The team looks forward to the big reveal in 2015. Stay tuned for a deeper insight into the heritage project. In the meantime, take a look at previous projects from Coca-Cola heritage: