Special Olympics Team USA: Proud Mom Shares Experience

Paige Hornsby, mother of Special Olympics athlete Marnie Hornsby, started blogging about their experience last week in Athlete’s Mother Blogs From Korea at Special Olympics 2013. Her most recent update from Korea is below which we received yesterday.

Today were the finals for the Super Giant Slalom at the Special Olympics World Winter Games, and all athletes did great.  There was no skiing that day before because of rain.  The slopes were fast and slick, but Team USA did an awesome job. There are no words to describe what it is like to watch these athletes perform. Watching them skiing down those slopes is exhilarating!! There is no fear of anything!! All of these athletes are true heroes. All of them achieving a dream!!  I wish I could put into words what an exhilarating experience it is to watch your child achieve a dream.  Your heart skips a beat, time slows to almost nonexistence and your eyes see the one thing that thrills you more than anything.  Surprise overcomes the face of the athletes and then those infectious smiles that tell you that everything is wondrous!! That is exactly what happened yesterday as we watched our daughter Marnie receive a Silver Medal in the World Winter Games!! Nothing is more satisfying.

Marnie Hornsby receiving Silver Medal

Tomorrow starts the Giant Slalom competitions and then the slalom competitions will be held on the last day of the World Games. The temperature has been in the 30’s with a good gusting wind, which as you all know, makes it feel much colder. After the rain moved out, the temperature dropped again and everything iced over. This afternoon, after competition and award ceremonies, it started snowing. Within minutes the ground was completely covered with a beautiful blanket of white.  All the athletes were out and enjoying the snow and throwing snowballs. At the time of this posting, it was still coming down.  This should make for really good skiing tomorrow.

Special Olympics Team USA

Team USA heading up the slopes

The following athletes competed on 1 February in the Short Track Speed Skating, 500 Meter races: #217 O’Conner Anderson, Division 12, won a Gold Medal; #218 Marissa Carr, Division 1, won a Gold Medal. In Division 22, #220 Jeremy Fair, won a Gold Medal and #221 Travis Hunter, won a Silver Medal and #226 Keith Robert, Division 22, placed fourth; #222 Jannai S. Kennedy, Division 5, won a Silver Medal; #223, Rory Michael Kinane, Division 15-1, placed fifth; #224 Patrick W. McCarthy, Division 18-1, won a Bronze Medal; #225 Alyssa Rose Neil, Division 10-1, placed sixth; and #227 Matthew Scarborough, Division 19-1, received a Participant ribbon.  For more award results go to www.specialolympics.org.

Short Track Speed Skaters from left to right: Patrick W. McCarthy, Matthew Scarborough, O'Conner Anderson, Marissa Carr, Rory Michael Kinane, Jannai S. Kennedy and Travis Hunter.

Paige Hornsby is the proud mother of athlete Marnie Hornsby, Alpine Skiing.