W5980- beach pants - 1972 - 34 x 15 unframed I hope that you will enjoy this new feature which will focus on the artifacts, artwork, bottles, products and videos at the World of Coca-Cola.

For our first entry, I wanted to return to the summer of 1971. This was the year when the classic Coca-Cola commercial"I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke" was introduced that summer.  While not as classic, that was also the summer which saw the introduction of Beach Pants!

For only $ 2.98 and six proof of purchase, you too could own these stylish pants.  They were very popular with the younger generation and were advertised in younger magazines like Boy's Life, Seventeen and Letterman.

ARS04914-lo We have two Beach Pants stories for the World of Coca-Cola.  First, you can see a pair of the pants in all their 70s splendor in one of the cases in the Loft area.  And second, on our opening day, one of our visitors came wearing not only the Beach Pants but also the matching floppy hat.