W2924 For our World of Coke spotlight this week, I wanted to both highlight the artifact and the reason we chose it for the museum. 

I have blogged in the past about Delta Airlines and the early cardboard cooler used to serve Coca-Cola.  By 1942, those coolers were replaced by the stainless steel coolers we now call "airline coolers."  These distinctively shaped coolers were made to fit compactly on the aircraft.

While most of the coolers were painted red, some, such as the one in the photograph to the left, were produced as all stainless steel.  All were embossed with the Coca-Cola logo in the center.

One of the galleries in the Milestones of Refreshment exhibit at the World of Coke focuses on the development of our logo.  All the artifacts in the case were carefully selected to highlight the instant recognition of the famous Coca-Cola script.  To do this we show the logo on items such as kites, jackets, hats and a stainless steel airline cooler which sits front and center in the case.  Check it out when you visit next time.